April 2022: 4x15 Submission Details

Announcing submissions for the April 12th 4x15 performance (in partnership with Teatro LATEA!)

We’re looking for fifteen (15) minute excerpts from full length musicals (one or two acts.) The musical does not need to be fully realized or developed to be considered for this opportunity. We encourage shows still in development to apply.


This fifteen minute excerpt should reflect the themes of the show, while still creating a cohesive fifteen minute performance. The material does not need to be a concurrent fifteen minutes of the script, but it should feel like a unified excerpt from the show. This submission is not expected to be a final draft of the excerpt, and Lab staff will work with the director and creatives to finalize the format for the performance. 

For this submission, please submit up to fifteen minutes of material that best reflects the work. This can be a first draft of a fifteen minute excerpt, or any fifteen minutes total of songs and scenes that you wish to submit. For reference, we’re looking for approximately two scenes and two songs per project.

There is no cost to submit or participate. The Lab and Teatro LATEA will cover all costs for space and rehearsals, as well as stipends for actors, a director, and a music director / pianist. We will work with the writing team on casting and hiring, and all participating artists will need to be in New York City for rehearsals and performance. 

Each project will receive three hours of rehearsal time at LATEA in the LES New York. The expectation is that these presentations will be fully staged and sung, but on-book. All creatives and cast will be required to be fully vaccinated.

Due to the nature of the rehearsal and performance process, anything that requires a large cast (more than ~6 people) or extensive choreography may not be the best choice for this project. We welcome and encourage submissions from any and all projects that may fit under the broad umbrella of “musical theatre,” and we actively reject as an organization that musicals are only allowed to follow the format of white American theatre. 

The performance will be live, in-person at Teatro LATEA the evening of April 12th, open to a live audience. Tickets will be $10, with proceeds split between LATEA and the Lab. All audience members will be required to be fully vaccinated. Writers will receive tickets to the performance, and all shows will be recorded. 

We are still finalizing the details of virtual viewing of this event - it’s possible the videos will only be available to the writers and teams themselves, and it’s unlikely at this point we will be able to livestream the performance. This is something we’ll need to discuss with the creatives involved, in order to ensure safety and respect for the work being produced. As a new organization, we appreciate your patience as we navigate these digital waters.

Regardless, submissions are highly encouraged from writers located outside of NYC, and in person attendance is not a requirement for any members of the creative team. We will ensure that there is a high quality recording of the performance, and make Zoom attendance available on request for any rehearsals. 

And finally, the conversation with the folks at Teatro LATEA is that, if this proves to be as fruitful as we’re hoping, then we’d like this to be more than a one-off event. The hope is to host these quarterly, and even parlay this into future opportunities to collaborate further in developing new musicals at LATEA. 

We hope that you’ll help us spread the word, and come out and attend the event if you’re able! And also, know that this is intended to be just one of many submission opportunities for events like this in 2022 and beyond!


To submit, please send us an email with the following:

Subject: 4x15 Submission - [Show Name]

Please include the following in your email:

  • History of development (including any future development opportunities)

  • Tell us about the show (this can be a synopsis or any information about the plot / characters you think we need.)

  • 15 minutes of material from the show (please curate this for us, we’re happy to accept videos and audio you have hosted online, but we won’t be able to listen to a full Spotify or Youtube playlist, watch a longer video of the show, or read the full libretto at this juncture.)

  • Names of all collaborators / creative team members

  • Any additional information you want to provide

Deadline: Wednesday 2/23 by 6pm 

Please reach out to with any questions!