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Help us invest in the future of Latiné-written musical theatre!

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We're creating the next generation of musicals. All written by Latiné writers. 


Even though Latinés make up nearly twenty percent of the US population, our representation in the musical theatre industry is in the low single digits.


Our 4xLatiné event is about developing and showcasing brand new musicals by our writers. And it's about connecting our writers to artists, to producers, and to audiences. 


This is just one of many ways we invest in our community. By giving our writers space to create and an audience to share their work with.


It takes a village for an organization as new as ours to put up an event like this. And we want to create a culture where we pay our artists for their time and talents. 


Anything you can give helps us make our very first event a smashing hit. (And all donations are tax-deductible, so it's a win-win-win!)


If you'd like to attend, subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know about tickets. The show is April 12th at Teatro Latea in NYC!

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What is a 4xLatiné?

About the Latiné Musical Theatre Lab:

About Teatro Latea:

Four, fifteen-minute excerpts of new musicals or musicals in development, written by Latiné writers. The excerpts are staged and fully sung, usually with scripts in hand. Presentations like this help writers develop characters and scenes, generate buzz and interest for their works, and build up the relationships between writers, directors, actors, and our community. The format was pioneered by the Musical Theatre Factory, and we add a loving twist by sharing the often unshared work of Latiné writers.


The Latiné Musical Theatre Lab, LLC is an NYC-based organization that develops, produces, and advocates for new Latiné-written works of musical theatre. In an industry that has historically not had space for us, our goal is to create robust opportunity for Latiné artists and radically change who gets to tell musical stories on stages across the country. 


Teatro LATEA (Latin American Theater Experiment Associates) is a performing arts theater company that has been a Latino cultural staple for over 30 years. Through multicultural and multidisciplinary initiatives at The Clemente, which it helped establish, LATEA assiduously promotes and produces Latino performing arts to and for Latinos and multicultural audiences.

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If you made your way to this page, our campaign for the 4xLatiné has ended.
We thank you for your support.

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