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4XLatiné Submission Details

Submissions are now OPEN for all 2023 4xLatiné Events.

We’re looking for fifteen (15) minute excerpts from your musical! 

This year, we will not be doing individual submissions for each 4xLatiné– The Submission Deadline for all FOUR presentations of 4xLatiné is  FRIDAY, JANUARY 20TH @12:00PM EST.  

**Please send your material even if it is not a final draft. We will only consider material submitted before this date.**


  • We encourage shows still in development to apply–this submission is not at all expected to be a final draft.

  • The performances will be in NYC, but we highly encourage writers located outside of NYC to submit.

  • We accept excerpts from full-length musicals (two acts), one acts (under one hour) and micro-musicals (under 30 minutes). 

  • In-person attendance is not a requirement for any members of the creative team.

  • The Lab covers all submission and participation costs. 

  • Your material may be in English, Spanish or both. 

  • The best candidates for this series will have less than five actors and minimal choreography.

  • We encourage submissions from any and all types of projects, even if they don't fall into the confines of traditional musical theatre.


  • Submission Deadline:

    • ​Friday 1/20 by 12:00PM EST.  

  • 4xLatiné presentations will be held on:

To Apply, fill out the GOOGLE FORM below and provide the following information:

  • Title of Musical

  • Creative Team (names, position, emails)

  • Short Synopsis (250 words)

  • Cast Breakdown

  • Production Language (English, Spanish, Bilingual)

  • Link to a Google Drive Folder with a 15-minute adaptation of one storyline, (PDF and MP3 Demos) and additional perusal materials, if applicable. 

    • Pick the 15 minutes that best reflect your work- this could really be any combination of songs and scenes that tell your story. (Our recommendation is two songs and two scenes).

    • This short excerpt should contain a cohesive selection that reflects the themes of your show. 

    • The work may be fully realized, or still in development.

    • Please curate this for us, we’re happy to accept videos and audio you have posted online, but we won’t be able to listen to a full Spotify or Youtube playlist, watch a longer video of the show, or read the full libretto at this juncture.

  • Any additional information you want to provide.

Please email our Literary Manager Daniel Mesta at with any questions.


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