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Managed by the Lab, the Demo Fund is an ongoing initiative to provide free demo recordings for Latiné musical theatre writers in order to increase equity and opportunity for works of Latiné written musical theatre.

All donations are tax-deductible, and devoted specifically for use in this program.

Check out these samples!

Hear from dozens of our writers and their demos of current shows and songs. 

These demos come in varying qualities and types of capture.


Part of the purpose of this playlist is to show off our writers and their amazing work, regardless of demo quality.


The other part is to demonstrate the need for and importance of providing free access to quality recordings for ALL our writers.

Why? Because these are the same recordings writers use to submit for funding, grants, productions, and support for their work.


Access to wealth and resources gives an edge to composers in their ability to to create higher quality recordings, and so increased equity in demo access equates to greater equity in the development and production of Latine written musicals.

Enjoy these selections, and please consider the Demo Fund in your immediate giving, future giving, and yearly contributions.

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