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Julia de Burgos Cohort

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Our Goals:

  1. To support the development of cutting edge, original new works - especially those from traditionally under resourced backgrounds.

  2. To support the development of brand new musicals from the ground up.

  3. To present these shows in an effort to move the shows onto the next step of their development process.

  4. To create assets to help the writers submit their shows for continued development opportunities or productions.

  5. To serve as an educational tool - to help writers improve and enhance their writing skills and their skills in refining their shows.

  6. To create community and connection amongst our writers.

The Cohort is a small group, three-month deep dive into the work. Over six meetings, facilitated by fellow professionals, the Cohort works together to improve and expand their musicals. 

But... who is Julia de Burgos?


This cohort is named after Julia de Burgos, a pioneer, Puerto Rican poet.


Ms. Magazine writer Vanessa Perez Rosario wrote of de Burgos:


“De Burgos was an ambitious and brilliant woman who worked diligently on two fronts—to establish herself as a writer of international acclaim and to eradicate injustice. Her feminist politics and her Afro-Caribbean ideas allow us to read her as a precursor to contemporary U.S. Latina/o writers.”


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Benito Vasquez

Maria beech_edited.jpg

Maria Beech


Dyan Flores


Noemi de la Puente

Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 09.18.47.png

Jessica Carmona

Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 09.25_edited.jpg

Nelson Diaz-Marcano

Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 09.29.16.png

Brett Macias


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Matt Barbot


Writer Testimonials

"Latinx writers, apply for this! It was so refreshing to be in a group of writers who seemed to care as much about each other's projects as they did their own. The thoughtful feedback and encouragement I got throughout my time in the Cohort was invaluable, and aside from the impact it had on my own work, I love that I met a group of writers whose work I can cheerlead and watch take off. "

--- Dyan Flores, 2022 Cohort Member

"It was a wonderful experience and the moderators were at once challenging and nurturing so we stretched and felt safe at the same time. I loved it!" 

–Noemi de la Puente, 2022 Cohort Member

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