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Writers Matchmaking Extravaganza

📍Virtual via ZOOM

Tuesday, February 27th
7:00pm-8:30pm EST

Join us for the first ever Writers Matchmaking Extravanganza! Meet virtually with fellow musical theatre writers to build relationships, get to know the community, and forge the first step towards finding potential new collaborators!

Calling all brilliant composers, wordsmith lyricists, and masterful librettists! Join us virtually on Tuesday February 27th at 7pm EST for a dynamic gathering where Latine writers can come as they are, share aesthetics, and forge exciting collaborations in groups. But that's not all – we're spicing things up with room prompts and engaging conversations to keep the creativity flowing!

Whether it's a fellow writer to bounce ideas off, a composer to bring your melodies to life, or a group that becomes your creative sounding board, our aim is for this event to be the catalyst for ongoing collaboration and shared artistic endeavors. Let's build lasting connections and embark on a collective journey of creativity and growth! 

To keep this experience intimate and meaningful for all participants, we have limited slots. There's space for 8 self-identifying librettists, lyricists, and composers - so 24 writers total!

We recognize many writers identify as more than one or all of the above categories. No worries! For this event, please select the one you'd like to lead with, knowing that this form and the conversations with your potential collaborators will have all the space you need to discuss the full breadth of your artistry!

Our primary goal is to prioritize and serve our community, but we also aim to create opportunities for writers from diverse backgrounds to connect with collaborators within the Latinidad and vice versa. To foster inclusivity, non-Latine writers are welcome to sign up as well, and any available slots after the initial deadline will be distributed to those registered, ensuring a welcoming space for collaboration and creative exchange.


  • 11:59pm EST, February 21st - all Latine writers signed up before this date will receive priority access**

  • 11:59pm EST, February 25th - final deadline for all writers

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