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Saludos! The collaborative nature of musical theatre means that it takes a village to support the work of our writers - and we are so grateful to have you as a part of our village. Latiné musical theatre writers, especially female, trans, non-binary, and Afro-latiné writers, regularly receive fewer resources and less development time than their white and male counterparts, and the more our community can come together in support of our writers, the greater heights they can reach. The Lab's network helps to lift up our writers and get them the support and collaborators they need.



The LMTL is looking for professional performers of all backgrounds to join our community of artists and help support Latiné musical theatre writers develop their works in various stages. The form is meant to help us with casting within the Lab and to assist writers on their projects outside of the Lab.

Thank you for your submission and welcome to our community. 

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